Sunday, May 21, 2006

Childfree Letter on "Moms as managers" makes USA Today's Op-ed.

Moms in workplace (Scroll down for letter)
Being a single woman, childless by choice, I found USA TODAY's question "Do moms make better managers?" very interesting (Cover story, Money, May 12).

From my perspective, I always dreaded finding out that one of my female co-workers was pregnant because that meant the workload and associated stress for the rest of us would increase during her maternity leave — more work for less money, in my view. I work in sales; when I handled a co-worker's accounts during her maternity leave, I didn't get her commissions. That money went to the company, not to me.

Baby showers at work got old real quickly after the first or second time. Because I never had kids, those women never had to reciprocate in work time and shower gifts.

Sue Nichols, Nashville
Thank you Sue. Childfree folks - send in those letters! It is one of the best ways to make people realize that we're out here.

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog. And great ltte from this person. And I bet all kinds of self-righteous moms are going to write back about how theirs is the most important job in the world!