Friday, May 19, 2006

New line of products reflects wistfully on life before parenthood.

Elwood Street Designs, LLC Introduces Humorous Giftware For Moms
Moms can now enjoy humorous giftware and lifestyle items that remind them of their more carefree childless days. Before Kids products make light of the realities of parenting. For example, financial pressure, Before Kids, I had shoe money; exhaustion, especially with new babies, Before Kids, I slept late; or the plights of the working mom,, work ended at five.
. . .
One day DINKS (double income - no kids) and the next a family on the go. There are also new financial worries, childcare concerns, and other real life issues. Yes, there is a reality to parenting, but there is also a light side. Please join Before Kids in celebrating kids and the constant challenges of parenting – no regret, just reflection.
Before Kids, I had time to format a press release without repeating the same broken link three times.

I know that in reality, childfree people have a range of financial situations. As a grad student, I'm back to Life With Ramen myself. Yet I can't help the urge to make an "I Still . . ." line of T-Shirts to wear with my Manolos.

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