Monday, May 22, 2006

Parents singled out for program that replaces jail time with treatment and dropped charges

Criminals who don't bother with condoms rewarded with special treatment denied to others.

Ohio Governor Bob Taft announced Monday that six counties will test a program that provides treatment instead of jail time for certain drug offenders. . . who are juveniles or who have children and are earning less than twice the federal poverty level.
. . .
Incentives for the offenders could include dismissing the charges or clearing or sealing a criminal record upon successful completion of the program.
Ohio residents can write the Governor.

I'm getting the impression from those in the know that this may be a permissible form of discrimination. I'll find out from Larry Tribe come fall what the parameters of constitutionally permissible discrmination are.

As a policy matter, however, it makes little sense to me to exclude the childless, no matter what the benefit of the program for parents.

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Unknown said...

"However, Orlett said about 80 percent of offenders aren't juveniles or are childless and won't be helped."

So let me get this straight... you get treatment instead of jailtime if you're a poor parent. So if you're a childless drug user, you have a real incentive to have a kid just to immunize yourself against jail time, and get whatever benefits your kid can get, that you can then sell, and buy more drugs?

That's great.