Sunday, May 14, 2006

Pre-existing child incentives in France have helped them buck the European trend of falling populations . . . but France is still adding more.

French government eyes 'le baby boom'

In Europe 2.1 children per woman is considered to be the population replacement level. These are national averages
Ireland: 1.99
France: 1.90
Norway: 1.81
Sweden 1.75
UK: 1.74
Netherlands: 1.73
Germany: 1.37
Italy: 1.33
Spain: 1.32
Greece: 1.29
Source: Eurostat - 2004 figures
. . .
According to recent government figures, France's population should reach 75 million (from 62 million today) by the middle of the century, in the process overtaking Germany - whose numbers the UN says will fall from 82 million to 70.8 million in 2050.
. . .
Until now, there has been a pay-out of £345 a month for mothers (or occasionally
fathers) to take time off for up to three years for a third child. Under the new measures they have the option of taking a bigger pay-out of £508 for just one
year - the idea being to win over women who were reluctant for financial or professional reasons to stop work.

On top of that, tax-credit for hiring child-minders is being doubled, and the carte famille nombreuse is being extended to cover museum entrance fees and other leisure activities. "

Even Germany and Russia, who are scrambling to introduce pay-to-breed schemes, thinks it's just plain silly to make more French people. Just kidding.

At least for once I'm glad to be an American.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, because what the French need is a higher population, to overcome the record low unemployment over there.

It's pretty much nationalism, pure and simple.