Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sex is essential, kids aren't in Germany

Why are 30% of German women choosing to go childless? Free will, baby.
"It is notable that child-wariness is not only characteristic of highly developed Germany (and northern Europe as a whole), but that it rises from 30% to more than 40% among German women who are college graduates.

When it comes to our behavior, evolution is clearly influential. Of this there can be no doubt. But only rarely is it determinative, even when something as deeply biological as reproduction is concerned. Indeed, the trend toward childlessness is neither particularly German nor strangely "un-biological" but profoundly human. "
I've always loved when parents try to tell people they should have children because it's only 'natural'. When these parents are out living in caves, hunting deer with pointy sticks and eating them raw, then they can talk to me about living the natural life. Hell, just stop using disposable diapers.

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