Monday, June 19, 2006

Mommy, tell my professor he's not nice!

(Over)involved baby boomer parents - and cell phones - redefine adulthood.

"Our students are graduating," says Jeanna Mastrodicasa, associate dean of the UF honors college. "But they are not ready to go into the real world."
. . .
They saw their youngsters as "special," and they sheltered them. Parents outfitted their cars with Baby on Board stickers. They insisted their children wear bicycle helmets, knee pads and elbow guards. They scheduled children's every hour with organized extracurricular activities. They led the PTA and developed best-friend-like relationships with their children, says Mastrodicasa, co-author of a book on millennials.
Next time a BNP says "It's our children who will care for you when you're old," you may want to point out that it's not quite certain they'll be able to look after even themselves.

Of course, I also like to point out that in that situation, I'll be paying their kid's salary.

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