Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Natural Family' Resolution Divides Utah City

The City Council of Kanab, Utah, resolved to promote the nuclear family unit. It ended up sowing discord in a once close-knit tourist town.

So members of the Kanab City Council . . . passed a resolution proclaiming that their top priority was to protect and nurture the "natural family."

The resolution described the natural family as man and woman, duly married "as ordained of God," with hearts "open to a full quiver of children." The council decreed that such households are to be treasured as "the locus of the true common good," a bulwark against crime, delinquency, drug abuse and worse.

With rousing (if not always grammatical) rhetoric, the council promised to do all it could to promote the natural family: "We envision young women growing into wives, homemakers, and mothers; and we see young men growing into husbands, home-builders, and fathersÂ…. We look to a landscape of family homes, lawns, and gardens busy with useful tasks and ringing with the laughter of many children."

The resolution passed unanimously in January.
I think this resolution implies that childless couples contribute todelinquencyy. By not producing delinquents. Hmm . . .

I'm very glad right now to be part of an 'unnatural family' far, far away from this town.

The fallout divides Kanab to this day.

It started at the next council meeting, when dozens of indignant residents, some wearing buttons declaring "Quiverless," called the resolution offensive.

Now I want one of those buttons.
And what of gays and lesbians, divorced men and women, couples who remain childless by choice?

Mero argues that "society should maintain the expectation" that they will one day form a natural family. And if they don't, well, they should accept that public benefits will favor those who get with the program.

"They ought to unselfishly set aside their own experiences in life and, for the greater good, say 'Yeah, I get it. The natural family does benefit society.' I don't see what's so hard about that," said Mero, who has been married 30 years and has six children. "This is just so self-evident."


Unknown said...

I could just cry right now. I am SO tired of this attitude that I'm not contributing because I'm not reproducing. I spent years as a teacher, teaching other people's children respect and manners as well as science. I think I deserve credit for that!

Mercurior said...

ah but dont you know, giving birth is a miracle, and they need rewarding for it. parents do the most important job in the world (raising hellions)

Anonymous said...

They running short on Prozac out in Kanab? Because I have plenty.
"We look to a landscape of family homes, lawns, and gardens busy with useful tasks and ringing with the laughter of many children." Oh my. It's like they were filming my worst nightmare.