Monday, June 05, 2006

Scotland Suffers Sperm Shortage

National shortage of sperm donors leads to suspension in fertility treatment
New laws, which mean donors can be traced by any offspring, has led to the drastic shortage.. . .The new legislation, introduced in April, which means anyone born as a result of sperm donation could track down their biological father, has virtually wiped out sperm donors.
Have they checked the dormatories? I hear they have a surplus.
A situation like this in America would pit two contingents against each other - those advocating for children's rights and those advocating the boom in fertility treatments. It seems like such a head to head would be win-win for the childfree. keep in mind that even unwilling fathers are forced to pay child support in America.

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Anonymous said...

And they didn't see this coming? Mabey the religious politicians who are against donorship pushed for the new law because they knew this would happen.