Thursday, July 06, 2006

Columnist shouldn't decide what's 'fulfilling'

In response to Whoever Said Kids are Supposed to Make You Happy? a reader wrote a Letter to The Editor:

This is exactly the type of close-minded, bigoted propaganda that paints child-free couples as selfish, coldhearted people who hate children.

This is not the case at all. Children are wonderful, but not everyone is meant to be a mother or father.
. . .

I think it is wonderful that now people do have the choice.

Hopefully, fewer children born will be unwanted or resented because of our changing views.

Ms. Hart has chosen her path, which included the desire to have four children. It is unfortunate that she wants to impose her own views on the masses as the "right" or "fulfilling" choice to make.

Children are just that: choices. I've made my choice, and don't worry, my soul growth has been doing just fine.

This is just the sort of even-handed, non-knee-jerk letters that I like to see from childfree people. While we might not all believe that 'children are wonderful', saying so gets our more important point across, instead of alienating readers so that nothing gets through.


Mercurior said...

the problem with the cf is, we get a lot of hassle, and every so often we need to explode or commit murder.

i try to be as even handed as i can, i dont shout or swear, and i find more people understand, apart from those people who just get so worked up over the idea that there arepeople who dislike kids..

one person said they hate people who dislikes kids..

L.T. said...

Absolutely. That's what Brats! was such a good thing. Places to vent are important. I don't think there's a specific place to do it anymore, so we just explode into mailing lists and discussion board of our own, which also works.

Letters to the editor should never serve this function.

Mercurior said...

metro, there are several out there, turtles site died, and people 3 groups created the offspring on turtles..