Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dog thief and adulterer is qualified to be Governor. Why? He's a dad!

Candidate Gallagher discusses fatherhood in new ad

TALLAHASSEE - Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher has a son, and so now he's ready to be governor.

That sums up the message in the second television ad Gallagher is airing in his ampaign to beat childless Attorney General Charlie Crist for the Republican nomination to replace Gov. Jeb Bush.
. . .
"You know, when you have a child, it changes your life," Gallagher says as he and
Laura sit on their couch with a photo of Charlie over the candidate's shoulder. "It settles you down. It lets you really find out for the first time there's somebody out there that is more important than you, and that's your child."

There is video of the couple walking through their yard as Charlie runs ahead, Gallagher and his son playing basketball and chess, Charlie holding a dog while sitting with his parents, and Charlie holding up a "Tom Gallagher for Governor" sign.

"He's a much more well-rounded person, and he has his life in perspective," Laura Gallagher says. "He knows what's important, he knows what it's like to be a husband and a father and a provider, and he's gotten the experience and the capability to lead."
. . .
The ad also seems designed to counter Gallagher's past reputation as a partier and details recently released about his 29-year-old divorce. His first marriage ended after his then wife, Ann Louise Gallagher, discovered he was having an affair. She later sought a restraining order after telling the court Gallagher broke into their home to steal the dog.

The entire childfree population of Florida just won Breeder Bingo.


ChrisR said...

So, let me get this straight. Getting your wife pregnant gives you the capability to lead a State??

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that?

Anything is forgivable. Lying, cheating on your wife, corruption, plotting to have your enemies killed...ANYTHING but being Childfree.