Monday, July 24, 2006

An Increasing Number of Women Are Childless

It has also been crucial to thaw feelings of failure, that I haven't fulfilled a fundamental part of being female. So many women who have had fertility problems say they can't help being angry with their bodies for letting them down. For a long time, I felt the opposite: that I had failed my healthy body, that it went to an awful lot of biological effort, month in, month out, for nought. I've also had to draw a philosophical line under another irony: that for many years I took an extraordinary degree of contraceptive care in order to wind up wishing I had children.


Unknown said...

I honestly couldn't read the whole thing. Maybe it's my lack of a second X chromosome.

I got to the part where she felt like she "betrayed her body" or something, and my head asploded.

This movement to push women to have kids early "before it's too late" is going to result in young women second-guessing themselves and having kids either too early, or having them when they would chosen not to if it wasn't for the emotional panic. And judging by the tendencies of my generation, they'll be unhappy about the choice, and start whining about it, like they were forced to have kids rather than making a choice. And then society will be expected to cater to them.

Mercurior said...

if people are pressured into having kids that they may not emotionally connect to, you could get more abuse towards those kids, conciously/subconciously, saying they ruined my life. you get people like andrea yates killing their kids, because they werent able to cope..

and so on.. pressuring women to have babies before they are ready will cause so many problems.