Saturday, September 30, 2006

Finally, a nation recognizes childfree leaders have more *time*

She drinks. She dances. She's a DJ. And she's Japan's new First Lady

The article discusses Japan's newest first lady; she is 44 and the couple is childless. Just about the age where major intervention would be necessary - and at a time when it would be more unwise than ever. With Japan's last PM still a bachelor, have we finally found a country that recognizes the values of childless leaders?

While here in the US, it is not unheard of to attack your opponent merely for not having children - kids are an accessory much-needed in every campaign. We are left with female governors abusing her position to gain childcare and transport to her kids, fathers who are completely absent in their kids' lives, and a host of other elements of fallout from trying to do two all-consuming jobs at once. You'll either do each half-assed or one piss-poor. Why do we demand that of our political leaders? American culture baffles me. Maybe I should start practicing Japanese.

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Mercurior said...

the childfree should be the leaders, to make those decisions thats best for all, rather than, the best for the kiddies..

we the cf can say this wont work, or will, for the community as a whole..

Frankie C. said...

This wouldn't have been discussed, had the child-free person in question been a man.

To Mercurior:
What they mean is that a child-free WOMAN is the only woman suitable to be a first lady. Which is interesting. Golda Meir, Maggie Thatcher et al struggled along okay.

I'm all in favour of personal choice. Children or no children - makes absolutely no odds as far as I'm concerned. I'm fascinated by the need to rank lifestyles.

To the poster: I think yours is a sensible point of view to posit. I am aware that my friends who are child-free for wahtever reason sometimes get drowned in kiddie-talk.