Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cambridge, UK Using Housing as Contraception?

'Lack of homes to drive out families'
CAMBRIDGE will become a city of singletons and childless couples thanks to a lack of family homes, according to a former mayor.

Coun John Hipkin, who served as Mayor of Cambridge last year, said the city council appeared to be using planning permission as a form of "contraception" by allowing hundreds of one and twobedroom flats to be built - but hardly any developments for families.
. . .
He said: "We keep getting developments of one and two-bedroom houses. I wonder whether this is putting huge pressure of a contraceptive nature on this city.

"People presumably start off single or young marrieds and have children, don't they? Where are they going to go? Is there going to be a sign outside saying 'if you want children go elsewhere or get a short-term tenancy'?"
Erm, anyway.

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ChrisR said...

"People presumably start off single or young marrieds and have children, don't they?"

Well, no. But I think the council is probably paying more attention to the demographic shifts to smaller households, which is happening across the developed world. One-person households is where a lot of the growth is, so that makes sense.

And anyway, why can't a young couple with a kid live in a 2-bedder? Did I get the maths wrong on that one?

Anonymous said...

Who says you can't have a huge house without children? My DH and I plan to have at least 3 bedrooms, maybe 4, to take up all our hobbies when we buy a house! Although, if it were really pushing out families, I would definitely consider such a housing development for my peace of mind.