Monday, November 13, 2006

Indian Journalist Takes on Children as Accessories

Honey, the kids have taken after the maid
. . .
Yes, most women can deliver, but how many should breed just because they can? Biological or adoptive mothers are shopping for colour-coordinated babies to swing alongside their handbags. There are those making up the numbers as if laying a table; three, they think, or four will be a round figure for a family.

This Children's Day, all childless couples must solemnly swear not to populate the world just because they are bored or the cable is on the blink. Creative energy can be channelled differently and there is no shame in that. Multiplication is only for those who have the time and the inclination, not someone who bungles up birth control and then mumbles whatthehell. More and more non-mothers are fearlessly declaring their satisfaction with life and empty laps. Now that's progress.

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