Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mom Bemoans Pressure to Look "Hot"

I have time to be a hot mom? Get serious!
In case you're a real-world mom who's often too busy to catch up on current events, here's your crash course in Hot Mom 101: It is not enough to hold down a demanding job, raise kids, nurture a relationship and run a household. You're supposed to look sexy and feel super while you're doing all of the above, too.

So says Los Angeles mom Jessica Denay, who's written "The Hot Moms Handbook" and now boasts a fan club claiming 300,000 members, celebrity endorsements, a TV show, and a "Hottest Mom" contest in 10 cities. So, too, says pharmaceutical company Medicis, which has its own unrelated "America's Hottest Mom" TV contest.

Sense the marketing vultures circling your minivan?

Now, part of Denay's spiel does ring true. She says moms should find ways to feel more empowered, that they shouldn't have to abandon their sense of self or sense of fun. She calls on every mom to release her "inner siren" and take better care of herself, for the sake of her soul and her family.
Perhaps the 'hot mom' trend is just another part of the false advertising campaign. They're not just trying to get moms to buy jeans - they're trying to get America to buy the myth of easy mommy-hood. I'm glad the voices to the contrary are out there - I only hope every woman has a chance to hear them before buying.

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