Thursday, November 09, 2006

Politicians Pass on the Childfree Vote

releases second issue. Along with articles on religion, movies, wine tasting, book reviews, demographic increase of the childfree, a new comic, and others, it includes a timely editorial:
Politicians Pass on the Childfree Vote
With politicians responding to the “war on the middle class” by putting forth a multitude of family-friendly policies, the childfree are left wondering if our votes even matter.

This being an election year, voters are being inundated with television ads and political speeches by candidates promising to stand up for American families. But when you look closely at the policies and platforms, it becomes clear that they’re only fighting for parents and children.

Tension is high this year with the Democrats trying to remove Republicans from power in Congress and the governor’s mansions. Due to the recent Foley scandal, Republicans may lose seats previously thought to be safe. And with more seats up for grabs, both Democrats and Republicans are trotting out the family-friendly rhetoric. . . .(continued)
However, in positive news, attacking your opponent for being childless is not a winning strategy. As mentioned in a previous post, a politician in North Carolina was attacking his opponent for being childless. Fortunately, he lost.

As repoted in a local paper's Six bits of wisdom from the ballot box:

6. This is not Alabama

Vernon Robinson's unvarnished brand of populist conservatism was a poor fit in a congressional district that is Democratic-leaning and where the Republicans tend to be more moderate, "Southern Living"-style Republicans. Attacking your opponent as "childless" will not win votes among soccer moms.

but Lesson 2. We luv little children
The Web site this week ranked Raleigh as one of the three top jewels of the Sunbelt because its highly educated residents have a "strong commitment to education." That might help explain the bond issue's surprising passage. . . .
is still there to remind us where we stand.

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