Friday, January 26, 2007

AirTran Kicks Unruly Child Off Flight, Then, Of Course, Wusses Out

3-year-old unnerves airline [Girl taken off flight for crying too much]
“Sir, you need to get off the plane now.”

They got off the plane, while their luggage and car seat flew on to Boston. In the terminal they were directed to an AirTran supervisor, who told the couple that the stewardess was uncomfortable “because you have an unruly child who struck a woman on board.”

Mr. Kulesza was incredulous. “That was her mother,” he explained. “She hit her on the arm. Lady, this is a 3-year-old child we’re talking about.”

“Sir, we don’t differentiate between 3 and 33,” the AirTran supervisor replied. Mr. Kulesza said the woman proceeded to lecture him about child discipline, and how she would never tolerate her children behaving in such a manner, at which point Mr. Kulesza said, “You really need to stop talking now.”
The article itself is written from the "But it's a Chyyyyld!" perspective, and the author apparently sees nothing wrong with taking a young girl recovering from ear surgery on a flight. My ear hurts just thinking about it.

But the comments . . the comments. If you add one, please come back and add it here, too!

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frndofbear said...

Two years ago I was flying back from France. I boarded my late evening flight, took my usual Ambien (prescription sleeping pill) and planned to sleep for the next nine hours.

Unfortunately for me, there were two howler monkeys on crack IN MY ROW. For the first four hours the parents did all they could to "pump" them up. Scaring them, pouncing at them, anything to make them hyper. When they were ready for the kids to sleep they quit playing with them. The toadlers started howling. And never, ever stopped. For the next five hours they screamed. I never, ever got a single wink of sleep.

I got deathly ill. I was carried off the plane and pushed through the Detroit airport in a wheelchair by my husband, who begged our way into the VIP lounge where I could try to get some sleep on the floor. We had a two hour layover before our flight to Kentucky and he knew I would need as much time as possible in the quiet.

As soon as I got to sleep he was reluctantly waking me up. I was put back into the wheelchair and pushed to the plane. As soon as I had to walk down the aisle I began to vomit. The crew were really nice, and very sorry, but they simply could not allow me to fly in as bad shape as I was in. I know I looked like death.

We had to sleep on the floor of the Detroit airport until the next morning.

So I would have approved any punishment for that nasty, selfish family on Air Tran short of the firing squad.

L.T. said...
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Unknown said...

Let's ignore the FAA regulations for a minute.

This family wasn't only screwing over the other passengers by delaying the plane, they could have been setting up problems across the spectrum. That plane gets in late. Then the people who are taking that plane from Boston to elsewhere on the next flight get delayed. All because they couldn't control their kid.

Contrary to their beliefs, they are not the center of the universe.

Anonymous said...

I went on a flight with a slight ear infection and I remember how painful it was. To put a child on the plane with an ear infection or post ear surgury is stupid or cruel. This could have cause damage to the eardrum. Should the parents be charged with some form of child endangerment?

L.T. said...

The typical PR non-response:

The decision to remove this family from their scheduled flight was made with the safety of the child in mind. Federal law requires all children over the age of twenty four months to occupy a seat and customers are required to comply with crewmember instructions and fasten seatbelt placards. Any passenger who fails to adhere to these requirements is subject to removal from the flight.

While we are thankful for your support, we regret that this incident escalated to the point of having to remove the child from the flight, as our objective is to allow our customers to reach their destinations as scheduled. I am not at liberty to discuss the travel record of any passenger, however, please understand that our company's decision to compensate the family was based on several factors. Nevertheless, we are sorry you do not agree with this aspect of our decision. Our company consistently strives to improve our future performance and this matter will certainly be included in those efforts.