Thursday, January 11, 2007

Childfree pals often feel dumped just when new moms most need support

Baby makes 3: How kids rattle friendships
“[A new mom] may get jealous and a little exasperated when you tell her about the sexy little dress you bought for a party that you’re going to with a hot guy. She may even tell you that your life feels a little ‘trivial’ to her now that she has found her true meaning in life,” says Iovine. “Don’t let it hurt your feelings — she is really just frustrated and a little jealous that you can even think of being sexy when she is trying to express milk with an electric breast pump.”
. . .
As lives evolve, so do priorities. Some childless women complain their friends with children turn into mommy machines — always wanting to talk about their babies and resembling very little of their former fun selves.
This is a separate article, but continues on the Salon/SF Chronicle debate posted below. There is also a discussion about the topic on the MSN boards.

Personally, while I understand while people would want to hold on to old friends, the few I have known who had kids were lost causes. that is what happens when your friends were doctors or lawyers to begin with, and barely had time for you then.

Fortunately, my husband and I had the foresight to join our local No Kidding! chapter when we were 23, before this really became a problem. Most of our friends are childfree, either coincidentally or because we met them through NK! These are issues I don't really have to worry about, and its a great feeling.

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