Saturday, January 13, 2007

New York Times: The Trend Toward Childfree Hotels

When 'Welcome' Doesn't Mean Junior

No one tracks just how many hotels have added ''no children'' policies in recent years. But the practice has become so common that the latest edition of the Zagat Survey of hotels, spas and resorts in the United States has a new category, ''Children Not Recommended,'' with more than a dozen listings, from the Kenwood Inn near Sonoma, Calif., to the tiny Point resort on Upper Saranac Lake in New York. ''If parents brought children, they'd be tiptoeing around ordering the kids not to touch this or that,'' said Tim Zagat, the co-publisher of the guides. ''These probably aren't places where kids would feel comfortable.''

The hotels say the adults-only policy is a way of maintaining their sophisticated atmosphere, with three-hour dinners and well-stocked wine cellars, and of cutting down on upkeep (no sticky handprints to clean up). Safety may also be an issue when there are swimming pools without fences and balconies with widely spaced balusters.

An old article, but I thought it bore posting.

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