Friday, January 26, 2007

No Kidding! In the News

Radio-Canada(in French)

In this group, no parents are allowed
The group began in Vancouver, Canada, in 1984, founded by a man named Jerry Steinberg.

The history of the Lincoln-Omaha group goes like this:

In 2004, a couple named Julie and Paul Jonsson moved to Omaha from San Diego. They had belonged to a No Kidding group there and missed it. So they organized one in Omaha.

A story ran in the Omaha paper. Church read it. So did a lot of other child-free Omahans.

The group grew. Couples from Lincoln started driving to Omaha for the weekly events — things like brunches, happy hours, dinners, the occasional concert.

The Jonssons moved away and others stepped in to take over the organizational duties.
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