Monday, January 15, 2007

Parents, Children Drive Each Other to Early Graves

A small portion of the article...
"Older mothers were four times as likely to die in the year after having a child than their mates. Having lots of children was especially risky. A mother of 12 had five times the risk of dying prematurely as a mother of three. Even after their child-bearing years came to an end, women who had had many children died earlier than women who had had few.

The price of parenthood wasn't trivial for men, either. Despite the obvious fact that men avoided the hazards of childbirth, fathering more children meant more risk of dying before their time, too.

And it wasn't only parents who paid the "fitness cost" of reproduction. The later-born children in very large families had less chance than their older brothers and sisters of surviving into adulthood and having children themselves. Losing a mother raised every child's risk of dying young."
Who knew my vasectomy could have added years to my life?

From The Washington Post

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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to email this to those quiverfull people.

L.T. said...

That would only encourage them. They get to see Jesus even sooner!

Anonymous said...
I forwarded the Washington Post article to this fundimental christian website.
Crystal seems to feel that the side effects of birth control out weigh the effects of having a large family.
More fundimental websites:
The reason why I recommend these websites is because I find them facinating and disturbing at the same time. And a growing trend in this country.
Phylis Schafly states that women will be sorry if they accept feminism. I feel that the both militant feminist and militant non feminist are extreme and dangerous. There should be some common ground.
I have no children and I do not regret it. These women do not understand why a woman would not want an adorable little baby. Oh brother!!!!!!

Anonymous said...