Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Study Shows Adults With Children At Home Consume More Fat

Got Kids? Check Your Fat Intake
Adults with children 17 and under living at home eat more fat than adults in childless households, according to a new study. Their daily fat intake is about 5 grams higher.

"It's not a large amount, but if you do that every day, over time that adds up to be a lot of fat," says Helena Laroche, M.D., an author of the study, published in the Jan. 4 online edition of the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine.

For years, experts have known that parents' eating habits influence children's food intake. Laroche decided it was time to investigate whether children's food preferences while in the household affects the parents' eating habits, specifically fat intake.

She hypothesized that adults with kids living at home would probably eat more fat for several reasons.
This study has spurred articles in countless publications, many of which have comments sections. Of course, parents are complaining that they are being unfairly maligned; that they need more calories because they are always running after children. A toddler I'll give you, but this article included parents with infants and teenagers, neither of which require 'running after'. Besides - the childfree people with free time who spend it in the gym probably burn the same amount.

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