Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Acting PM of Oz: Parenting Equips One For Political Life Better Than Any Other Qualification

The value of women cannot be measured by child-bearing, writes Gabriella Coslovich.
Last week, acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile became the latest to cast doubt on the credentials of that most hapless and unnatural of creatures, the childless, unmarried woman. Parenting is the great leveller he said, and being a parent equips one far better than any other qualification for political life.
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OK, so perhaps Gillard brought it on herself by having the temerity to state that it would be extremely difficult to be a top-ranking politician and a mother to boot. To me, this sounded, rather, like an acknowledgement of the great responsibility of both jobs. But some took umbrage.
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And if becoming a parent is so damn humbling, why do the Mark Vailes, Mary Lous and Marees of this world constantly feel the need to assert the pre-eminence of their life experiences?
I think the journalist has commented better than I could on the statements, if a little bit above this American's head. The last line should become a classic.

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