Friday, February 23, 2007

Blogger Takes Environmental Parents to Task With the Ultimate Insult

Most Environmentalists Are Not Morally Superior To Ann Coulter
I would, however, agree with Ann that most liberals don’t care about the environment and want reduced standards of living (for everyone but themselves, of course). Case in point are my liberal relatives with their big house, big plot of land and a gaggle of kiddies. Shit, they almost populated enough to have a basketball team.
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Back to Ann — it’s funny the rant Ann goes on about the people hating environmentalists, considering that she wrote a favorable review of “The Baby Boon” which appears on the jacket of that book. If you aren’t familiar with “The Baby Boon,” boy, this is a hardass childfree book that exposes the child-centric breeder culture for exactly what it is.

Ann is a childfree woman from what I can tell. . . . [M}y point here today will be that it doesn’t matter what Ann’s reasons are, from the perspective of a childfree environmentalist, she’s done more for the environment by being a childfree woman than 99% of the liberals out there who call themselves environmentalists.

I don’t care what country you live in, humans in every country produce waste and use resources, some more or less than others, but, nonetheless to sustain a human, waste must be produced and resources must be used regardless if you are in the first, second or third world. . . . The waste and resources from ONE human who is born into this world far exceeds anything that one environmentalist can do for the earth in terms of living “green.”

So what I’m saying here is that, regardless of Ann’s wrong-headed opinions about science, her actions are FAR MORE GREEN than most environmentalists, since most of these people have children, and many of them have several children. And as a childfree environmentalist, I am far more interested in Ann’s actions than what she spouts off about at the mouth.

I’ll take Ann over the so-called “green” liberal hippy mama with her three brats and preggo with another preaching about “sustainability” and “cloth diapers” and running off at the mouth about “that horrible right wing Ann.” Green liberal hippy mama who can’t get her fertility in check is the problem, not Ann!

Any so-called “environmentalist” with a bunch of kids needs to just STFU and not say a word to Ann. They don’t have the moral foundation with which to criticize anything Ann says about the environment, period.
Perhaps not inherent in her lifestyle choice, but in the endorsement of the Baby Boon, we see yet another example of an unusual ally in the party of Family Values. This one predates the Condi brouhaha.

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Anonymous said...

That gives me another reason to love Ann Coulter. I consider myself liberal (however, not the liberals like today, they twisted liberalism and corrupted it IMHO). We have different views, but I've always respected Ann Coulter. I say two thumbs up to that blogger.

Anonymous said...

Ah, environmentalists...

David Suzuki: 5 kids
Edward Abbey: 5 kids
Sting: 6 kids

Suddenly Ann Coulter doesn't look so bad to me.