Friday, February 09, 2007

Family With Unruly Infant Asked to Leave Montreal Restaurant.

Un enfant ne peut agir comme un adulte
All public places, without exception, should be accessible to children and armed with services facilitating access to families, according to the "Council of the family and childhood".

"Children are a collective treasure (richness). Everyone should mobilize for the well-being of the child and the family," affirms the president of the council, Marguerite Blais.

The comments were numerous yesterday following the publication of an article in the Newspaper of Montreal about a family claiming to be expelled of a restaurant of Laval because their 14 month old child was, in the opinion of the owner, making too much of a mess.

Mrs. Blais affirms that you cannot demand that a child acts like an adult at the table. "a healthy child fidgets. It is sad to think that this would bother people ", she adds. that to in no case should parents limit their outings for this reason.

No children here

Vincent Ciaccio, director of strategic planning for No Kidding, a Canadian social club for people without children, does not have the same opinion.

"Restaurants should have the choice as to whether they want to allow children or not simply because they are not set up for that", Mr. Ciaccio believes.

The children shout, cry, make a mess and often, the parents give them too much freedom," believes Mr. Ciaccio. "It is a question of respect. The couples who leave their child at home [with a babysitter] to have a quiet dinner private conversation should not have to endure the tears and the tantrums of children ", he concludes.
Many thanks to Amanda, leader of No Kidding! Houston, for the translation.

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