Friday, February 16, 2007

Feminism -That's When You Think Women Can Be Mothers AND Work, Right?

A female business columnist printed an offensive letter claiming that women should "Stay at home, and do YOUR job." While the columnist extols the virtues of multi-tasking mommies a reader called him out.

Women in Business: Your E-mails on He Said, She Said
I can hardly believe you received that piece of trash letter in the year 2007. What does Mr.. Know-It-All say regarding the single childless women? Or, the married childless women? Does he really have the gall to think that women are *only* supposed to be baby factories?
I'm disturbed that the other readers, and the columnist herself seem to have missed that point entirely. They seem to be more worried about what kind of baby factories we're supposed to become. The scary thing is that this is what passes for enlightenment.

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