Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hotel Owner Bans Kids, Who "Scream And Run Around And Disturb Other Guests"

Hotel bans kids, welcomes dogs
An Austrian hotel owner has banned children - but says pet dogs will always be welcome.

Hotel Cortisen turned away a German family with two young boys when they turned up for a holiday in the Alpine village of St Wolfgang.

Owner Roland Ballner, 38, said: "I have just had the hotel redecorated for more than two million euros - kids will put their dirty paw-prints on the white walls, stand on the white leather sofas in their dirty shoes, and scream and run around and disturb other guests.

"I have decided to make a stand and I am sure others will follow suit and say no to kids. From today, children are no longer welcome - and I plan to advertise it as I am sure it will attract guests."

But he added: "I don't have a problem with dogs... dogs are always welcome in my hotel."
This guy is my new hero. I can't imagine that pro-natalism is that much less in germany - one would get absolutely crucified if you said that in America. With Germany's nationalistic push to pay people to make more Germans, I suspect this man is just willing to deal with the backlash. I do hope that his efforts are rewarded. I know where I am staying when I finally get to Germany!

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