Sunday, March 18, 2007

22 Year Old Mother of 3 Refused Sterilization in UK

'Sterilise me!', mum begs NHS
Ex-admin worker Kelly asked her GP to arrange a sterilisation after she gives birth to the tot.

But her local hospital, Queen’s in Romford said it will not perform the op on under-30s. Kelly is desperate to find a medic who will.

She said: “I’m terrified I’ll fall pregnant again.
Does anyone know if there are similar policies in the US? I am considering doing my "3L Paper" in law school on the subject.

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Anonymous said...

There are some doctors who are hesitant about performing the sterilization on someone so young but since she already has children most doctors wouldn't consider it a big deal. The only ones who have a real problem getting sterlizations done here are the young people who are childfree. My husband went in at 28 and was approved but I have heard of horror stories for other childfree people under 30. But there are no policies that way. Just a matter of finding a cooperative doctor.

Anonymous said...

I've just written a couple of articles (last week) observing certain issues where women want to be sterilized. Both articles got quite a bit of feedback from both men and women.

You may be interested in their responses.
This is the first article and there is a follow up a couple of days later. I will be writing some more on the subject.

Basically it appears that the getting sterilization varies depending where in the states you live, and it seems to be harder to obtain than in the UK. Also, the key seems to be age, not number of children. (Apologies for the long link, please feel free to amend it).

L.T. said...

Malacophile said...

Here in the US, they don't seem to want to do it unless you're over 30 AND have 2+ kids. Bastards.

How is that fair, anyway? I don't want kids, but I have to have them to get a procedure to keep me from having the kids I don't want! That's wrong.

I don't think that doctors should be able to refuse sterilization. It's the person's body. Not the doctors'.