Thursday, March 15, 2007

Canadian Birthrate Falls Far below US

Religiosity, ethnic makeup cited
The Toronto couple's decision to stop after one child is hardly unusual in Canada. Statistics Canada's latest census figures released Tuesday show a continuing trend towards smaller families, with the country's fertility rate stalled at 1.5, the same as five years earlier.

The fertility rate - the average number of children a woman will have between age 15 and 49 - is far below the 2.1 per woman it takes to replace the dying population. Even so, Canada still beats out many other developed countries in the baby sweepstakes. Japan's 2006 rate is estimated at 1.4; Russia's at 1.39 and Spain 1.28.

But what's particularly striking about the 2006 census figures is how many fewer babies Canadian women are having compared to their neighbours in the United States.
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Mercurior said...

but even with the birth rates falling, the world population is going up, america hit the 300th million i think, a few months ago.

and yet they say population is still falling, doesnt anyone think this is the natural thing, where the world cant cope with more so it kills off a few, lemmings and others do die, if over crowding and over use of resources occur

Unknown said...

A birth rate of 1.5 would actually be pretty good the world over. It would cut the population by around 25% every 80 or so years. We could ease into a practical global population of 2 billion or so in a couple of hundred years.