Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Germany's Childless Chancelor Demands Fathers Do Their Share

Merkel laments long road to equality for German women
Merkel called it a scandal that there was not a single woman on the board of a company in the Frankfurt stock exchange's blue-chip DAX 30 index.
. . .
Merkel, who generally plays down sexual politics in her public statements, said men needed to adapt at work and at home to allow greater gender equality.

She noted that fathers were reluctant to take time out from work to care for their children.

"That has got to change," said the childless 52-year-old chancellor.
Imagine - demanding that the men who actually fathered the children do more, instead of just demanding that childless people work longer hours and pay higher taxes. Perhaps the German chancellor as a childless woman herself, does not buy into the mass-subsidy hysteria that has seized her country.
The country is currently embroiled in a debate over reconciling career and family, with a government proposal to provide more nursery school places igniting a war of words between political and religious leaders.
Ah yes, well. It is still Germany after all.

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