Monday, March 12, 2007

Parents Who Hate Other Parents

Child-free in Tennessee
Having kids means either staying home with them and being treated like a loser by your working counterparts, or working and feeling guilty about putting the kids in daycare.

While there are plenty of child-free organizations, there's no group for those of us who have kids, but don't really want to talk shop with every other parent with whom they have a conversation. Might I suggest one called P-WHOP (Parents Who Hate Other Parents)?

We're forced to endure our child-free friends accusing us of falling off the face of the earth after we had kids, when really we just couldn't find a freaking babysitter.

Basically, it all sucks, whether you have a kid or not. Feel better?
There is nothing particularly remarkable about this blog post, which cobbles together some handpicked quotes from chilfree people and articles. The fun is in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

I have no children but all my friends that did become pregnant were not the same after kids came along. Kids are alot of work and they are dependent. There is no way a person could be the same. At work there are mean spirited people who will find any reason to attack someone. If it isn't having children it will be your performance or your clothes etc...
I went to the pound a got a couple of good dogs. They are my best friends. They are dependent but you don't need a babysitter to go out for an evening.

Sun Runner said...

Well, I think my bingo card is completely full after reading all of those comments. If anyone else dares, be warned that towards the end the discussion has pretty much devolved into name-calling that's only a step above "I know you are but what am I?"

Anonymous said...

This is interesting...

"Forced" to endure your childfree friends??" Why, pray tell? Because you suddenly see the great divide? Because it's suddenly clear (if it wasn't before, and it should have been) that you are never ever going to be the same? Because it's clear that as of now, you no longer have a life - it is now, and always will be governed by your child?

From where I stand as a childfree person, life does not suck. Precisely because my life is directed by me not by a child or the advent of one. Not by accident, but doing the thought and the math, since I never wanted kids. It's boring having to listen to parents go on and on But in the big scheme of things it's a small price...and we all have to get along and I know they can't help it :)