Monday, April 02, 2007

Keroack Resigns - Whoopee!

Abstinence-only Bush appointee resigns
As you might have come to expect, though, it's not like the Bush administration finally realized the absurdity of appointing someone who called birth control "demeaning" to oversee the distribution of birth control to poor women and forced his resignation.

No, it's far more simple: Massachusetts' Office of Medicaid has taken actions against his private medical practice within the state as a result of "misunderstandings," Keroack says. (Feministing has a theory on the specifics of the "misunderstandings.") While he's sure the "action will be reversed," Keroack says the appeal process will "present a significant distraction to my ability to remain focused on my duties." He offered his resignation and his superiors accepted it.

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