Sunday, April 22, 2007

Married Without Children Could Soon Become Norm in New Zealand

No-child families becoming more common

At last year's census, couples with children numbered 447,894, or 42 per cent of all families, a runny nose ahead of the 425,973 couples without children (40 per cent). Another 193,635, or 18 per cent, consisted of one parent with a child or children.

Statistics New Zealand defines a family as a couple, with or without children, or a sole parent with offspring, who usually live together. . .
Maybe the Telegraph should borrow their dictionary.

These statistics do include empty-nesters, but the rise of the childless-by-choice is behind the impending parity.
But New Zealand's levels of childlessness pales against Germany's, where it's predicted 30 per cent of women will not have kids.
Shorter working hours and more childfree? If it was not for the government's perception that this was a crisis (apparently maintaining the pyramid-scheme social security system is the only relevant government expense) and the requisite pronatalist policies, I would be taking German lessons right now.

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