Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Australian senator calls female politician "deliberately barren" and therefore unfit to govern.

Australian outcry over women jibe
An Australian senator has caused a storm of protest for describing a female politician as "deliberately barren" and therefore unfit to govern.

Bill Heffernan said Labor Party deputy leader Julia Gillard did not understand the public because she had no children.

He has since apologised for the "inappropriate" comments, first made last year but repeated again this week.
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"The question of whether people have children, whether they marry and have children, is entirely a matter for them and I do not think it should be a matter of public comment," [Prime Minister] Howard told reporters.

Mr Heffernan first questioned Ms Gillard's childlessness last year, when he queried whether the deputy Labor leader could fully understand her voters because she did not have her own family.
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"One of the great understandings in a community is family and the relationship between mum, dad and a bucket of nappies," he added.
1. We don't have families? That will be news to my parents, my husband, my brother, and the close friends I call family.

2. At least it is controversial. The Prime Minister derided him, he had to apologize, and the public was outraged.

3. Does a politician become most qualified by living through every significant faction of society? Unions and manual labor are important. Are politicians who have never had a blue collar job unqualified? Are those under 65 fit to make social security decisions? And if they do make you a better politician, can that make up for the fact that it leaves you less time to govern?


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Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. A radio station in the UK is reporting on it this morning and the presenter is AGREEING with Balony Bill. Unbelievable.