Saturday, May 19, 2007

Breeders v. Daters

Earlier this week, a 'journalist' posted a sanctimonious screed against the daters who dared 'glance' at his misbehaving kids in a restaurant. Although the National Post has restricted access to the original and its comments, it was apparently overrun with childfree people critical of the piece.

In response, he posted a follow up where, apparently, the fact that one environmentalist wants to restrict breeding settles the entire restaurant matter. Unfortunately, the comments for that article have been dominated by the Quiverfull set who insist that "Children are not the problem, they are the solution to saving our planet".

Fortunately, a 'future breeder' posted a blog entry pointing out that:
Having two baby seats in your car doesn't make you the authority on who gets to eat or do what, when and where.
. . .
The simple fact is this: You could have also been enjoying a quiet, romantic dinner with your woman — that's what babysitters are for. Instead, you chose to bring your kids with you. Why?

Because you want to show off.
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