Saturday, May 19, 2007

Clooney's Childfree House

George Clooney on Childfreedom
Do you think you'll ever have children?
I don't know why everyone wants me to become a father - I'm so selfish and I get nervous around kids and I know I'm not ready for that kind of life. I've settled into a very comfortable lifestyle and I really don't want to change things. I've learnt enough about myself to know that my work is the main thing which drives me and that a woman who comes into my life is going to have to deal with that, which isn't easy.
I don't know what is with me and all these celebrity posts - normally the US Weekly set bores the tears out of me. But the second someone famous starts spouting out childfree sayings I'm all ears. I certainly don't feel their views or choices are any more important - but they are more likely to be publicly scrutinized. Perhaps watching how the world reacts can help us see where we stand.

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Adri said...

That's too bad. I told my husband the only person I would ever consider having a child with would be George Clooney...