Thursday, May 24, 2007

Romney opposes gay marriage, quotes Maude Flanders

Won't someone PLEASE think of THE CHILDREN!?!

So, one of the Republican frontrunners is having trouble finding a happy middle regarding a touchy issue. Nope, it's not Rudy trying to talk out of both sides of his mouth on abortion. It's My Favorite Mormon talking about homosexuals.

"What you look for in a leader is someone who will welcome and treat with respect people who made different choices and have different beliefs in their lives and have differences. I have nothing but respect and feelings of tolerance for people with differences from myself and feel that way with regards to those who are gay," he said."
Wow, that's great. I know the first thing that happens to me when I meet someone different than myself is I just want to grab them and say "I'm so full of tolerance for you right now I can almost burst!"

Tolerance isn't really a good thing. I can't speak for the gay community, but I can tell you as a childfree person, I don't want to be "tolerated." I don't even really want to be "accepted," because that's kind of a p.c. code word for "I don't really accept you, but I have to say I do." I really want apathy in most cases. Unless it's a discussion where being childfree is relevant, I want it to be no more than trivia.

Honestly, I see acceptance as being more condescending than tolerance. Tolerance is really saying "I don't like the fact that you're gay, but I'll deal with it." Almost an admittance that being critical of someone for being gay is a personality flaw in and of itself. Acceptance is a little too close to "approval" for my liking. What's the opposite? "I'm sorry, Mr. Smith, I reject your being gay. Please feel free to apply again next year." But I digress.

He noted that one of his Cabinet members was gay and that he appointed gays to positions of responsibility in his administration.
That's just awesome. Basically, it's "Some of my closest friends are gay!"

Of course, there's a reason I'm posting this here, other than to pick on the former governor of the state in which I live during my exile...

He said he is opposed to gay marriage because it's not in the best interest of children.
And there it is.

So... if you're gay, and you want to get married, but don't want kids, you still can't get married, because gay marriage is bad for kids. Of course, I've yet to see any real evidence that kids growing up with gay or lesbian parents will end up any more screwed up than the rest of us. Or that marriage is no longer tied to child-rearing in any sense, since people (like myself) have gotten married without wanting to have kids, and plenty of kids are being raised by single parents.

Maybe it's the idea of gay marriage that will harm our nation's children? They'll never be able to sleep at night, what with the Boogie Man, the neighbor's big scary dog, and some gay guy halfway across the country getting inheritance rights to the house he's lived in for 30 years with his husband.

This does support the general rule of thumb, though... if someone says it's "for the children," odds are, it really ain't.

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