Saturday, May 05, 2007

Video and News Blitz: More on Gillard.


The recent post regarding political attacks on a childfree politician have by no means blown over, with a flurry of additional stories on the matter.

Australian comments on women draw furor

Bill Heffernan weathered criticism from across the political spectrum for a second day after he criticized Julia Gillard, a lawmaker from the opposition Labor Party, over her decision not to have children.
Some have even called for Oz's Prime Minister, who denounced the comments, to fire Heffernan.

One politician stated that
"The more educated and the more professional and the more you earn in Australia, the less likely you are to have children," Goward told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. "It's an unacceptable dilemma for Australian women."
Which is nearly as offensive, if you ask me. It not only assumes that every woman must yearn for mommyhood, it also assumes that we are unable to set priorities and make choices about them.

Hefferman had originally refused to back down, but has apologised admitting they were "completely inappropriate" in the wake of the outcry. The BBC is still taking comments.

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