Monday, June 18, 2007

Childlessness and the Clergy

Fathers to All
One of my favorite responses to those who challenge my childless choice with the impossible (ergo useless) hypothetical, "What if everyone felt that way?"

"Would you ask that of a nun?"

This article does explore that aspect of the priesthood; it is a life that also opts out of parenting, although we don't get many at No Kidding! events :)
On the other end of the spectrum Monsignor Alfred Culmer, 55, who has been in the priesthood for 30 years said that he has never felt that he missed out on anything by not having children.

"I choose not have children for a higher value, for the kingdom of God," he said, "but I have nieces and nephews, and I have done a lot of work with children," said the chaplain at St. Thomas More School.

He too said that fatherhood is more than just biological, but relational, and added that there are a lot of men who are not fathers.

"Fatherhood is how you see your role with respect to children, and about molding and forming, really fostering and engendering the holistic well being of children, and as a spiritual father," he said.

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