Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Daily Dose of Schadenfreude.

Dad finds parenting rewards

Having children keeps you from sleeping away the day. With young children under roof, you have a built-in alarm clock.
. . .
And without children, most couples would never experience the joy of competing for the opportunity to watch their favorite television show in the living room.
Yes, the "Oh I'm such a saint but it's so worth it" article. Has this guy never read the million preachy diatribes like this, or was he just trying to comfort himself that his choice was the right one?

This was in response to a study which I'll be posting shortly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That post is strang. He's so happy and self-satisfied about a lifestyle that sounds pretty awful.

How fun that must be to step and fetch for your kids' friends all weekend while they crash at your house and hang out with friends, having a life (while you slave away in the background).

He is so busy driving his kids around he doesn't have a chance to trouble himself about global warming. Ah, the irony. I bet it's hard to fit in that pesky recycling with all those important trips to cheerleading practice.

Is this like Homer Simpson come to life?

Adri said...

I love how he takes pride in knowing about Hanna Montana or some kiddie show. Well, if all there is to life is HBO, I'm a happy camper!