Monday, July 30, 2007

NBC10: DINK Trend Growing

The DINKs Trend Is Growing
The news article companion to the earlier video:
She says, “We just decided that while we love children, the degree of the responsibility involved in having them was so high and it was such a price for us to pay and there are so many other things we'd rather do.” Patty is among a growing group dubbed D.I.N.K.s – Double Income, No Kid couples. There’s and entire network of childfree chat online. For Patty and Phil, being child free means more time together, spontaneous vacations, peace and quiet.

Relationship Therapist Dr. Sara Corse works with the Council for Relationships. She says what would be taboo 50 years ago is now a trend. “I think across the board we are accepting a greater diversity of families these days. There are many ways to have a purpose filled life it doesn’t have to be through children.”

Parents like Rachel Trainor from Ardmore understandably have a different perspective. She says, “I don’t know why they’d choose that, my children are my joy, my pride and joy. I don’t know. I think it’s a little selfish.” Local dad, Paul Johnson who doesn’t quite get the DINK way of thinking either, says, “I don’t know why they’d choose that, I just think being a dad is the best thing in the world.”

Ah yes. We shall all immediately tailor our lives according to what makes Paul Johnson happy in his. I really hope he's not that into entomology.

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