Friday, July 13, 2007

Schadenfreude of the Day: Stockholm Syndrome?

With kids gone, mom's stuck with 'alone time'

Hubby has been working out of town for months, and now I am childless, too, and free to control the remote, eat over the kitchen sink straight from the container and go to bed as early as I want.

But there is no one to laugh at the sitcom with. No one to fuss at because they raised the lid before the rice was really done. No one to call me an old fogey for wanting to retire before 9 p.m. -- and I am lonely!
Empty Nest Syndrome is nothing new. How is it that the childfree have no problem dealing every day with what this mom can't handle for a week? For half of us, we're probably childfree in the first place because we like that alone time. The rest of us simply developed full lives - friends, careers, hobbies, etc. - that scare away lonliness and boredom. Restlessness never lasts long in my Manhattan!

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