Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Book Review: Psychology book ignores childfree, among others.

The brain that reigns is mainly in the Janes
The Female Brain. . . is -- a fascinating map of what happens at every stage of life. . .
. . .
Brizendine's premise is that female brains change radically -- values, perceptions, and all -- as hormones course through in childhood, puberty, adulthood, pregnancy, "mommy brain" and beyond. Oddly enough, the phase that most changed my female brain doesn't seem to be a factor.

That would be college, thanks for asking.
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For all the females out here who are childfree by choice; who are in love with their work; who are tomboys; who don't frame themselves in terms of emotional networks; who are lesbian; whose teenage worldview was more profoundly affected by their first computer than their first period; who are carrying around a boy brain -- are we not women?
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Anonymous said...

Right on, sister!

Anonymous said...

Brizendine is a hack. Her screed manages to be simultaneously misogynistic and misandric (patronising women and demonising men, whom she claims are geared solely to "sex and aggression").

"The Female Brain" is also academically bankrupt: she pads out her footnotes by completely misrepresenting or even fabricating sources. She also flubs the titles of the books she cites, confuses their authors, and cites papers that not only disagree with her, but assume the sexes are equal for the purposes of statistical representation!

One article which does a good job ripping apart Brizendine's work: