Saturday, September 08, 2007

ABC: Married, Successful and Happy to Be Child-Free

More and More Couples Are Choosing to Not Have Children

The story begins with a recap of the Pew Research Center Survey indicating that people no longer think children are vital to a good marriage.
Laura Carroll, author of "Families of Two," explained that many couples are beginning to see marriage as a commitment to their personal connection more than anything else.

"Folks that have children might think the decision is wrong because the bottom line is they do not understand how someone would not have a burning desire to have a child," Carroll said.
. . .
And it's a choice that child-free couples feel they must defend.

"People with children say, 'They're the biggest joy we have in our lives.' To that I say, that's for you. That's good for you, but I'm fine the way I am. I have no regrets," David Smith said.
This story was a precursor to the video below. (Which is why it shares so many of the same quotes?) It seems that the feature on Good Morning America was in response to the attention this article received.

Perhaps best of all, they have opened the floor to Comments. I'm afraid that as this article is over a month old, the commenting has slowed, but there are over 500 to pour through, and the childfree are good at reopening threads. :)

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