Monday, September 17, 2007

Ask Amy: Friends for Childless Couples

Childless middle-aged pair need to find couple to "date"
Our problem is that we seem to have trouble making friends to do things with, such as taking trips or going to events.

Friends from our "single years" have either moved away or are now fully occupied with raising their children. The new people that we do meet are always "too busy" with their own lives to meet up.
Amy gives some good advice, but I would have told the couple to find the nearest chapter of No Kidding! to meet childless friends. Half my own social network stems from people I have met in various chapters and through the conventions (there is one next month in Las Vegas!).

OK, plug over.

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Anonymous said...

We found it difficult to meet other childfree couples too, but after researching on the internet we came across a couple of online social networks that are for committed couples wanting to make new couple friends. is not specifically for childfree couples but we joined anyway and found a few couples in our area and have double dated with a two of them. We plan to get together again.