Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nearly every fourth man childless in Denmark

A new study shows that more than one out of five Danish men never have children because they do not find the right partner
Danish men have a hard time finding the right woman, which is why more than 22 percent will never experience fatherhood.

That conclusion is based on the results of a study from the Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI), which found that 22.7 percent of men 44 and over have never produced a child.
. . .
In contrast to the men, only 14 percent of Danish women of child-bearing age have never given birth. Those women who have passed on the baby experience typically did so in favour of their careers, according to Christoffersen.
I'd have to see the original study, but it sounds like they are leaping to conclusions here. They don't seem to entertain the possibility that even some of the childless Danes just don't want children. I'm going to call on our resident statistics-debunker, Vinny. But for now I'll tentatively conclude that something's rotten in Denmark.

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Unknown said...

I'd definitely want to look at some of the raw data, but it seems like they're prematurely jumping to a conclusion. I'm sure some of the men probably want to be married and/or want kids, but are undesirable for whatever reason, but not nearly 25%... that's too much.

Some things I'd want to know... how many of them are gay? How many of them are biologically infertile? What's the cultural climate like in Denmark, specifically, can people out-and-out say they don't want to be a parent without being criticized?

I mean, you can't break it down into 75% "father" and 25% "ugly with no job skills" which is almost what they're implying.