Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Other people's children are bad-mannered, Dutch parents say

More than 75 per cent of Dutch parents say other people's children are irritating and find them bad-mouthed, anti-social and disrespectful
Two-thirds of Dutch parents favour a stricter upbringing for all children. Nine out of 10 parents believe schools should be stricter and more disciplined also.

Four out of five parents think society is degenerating. The only way to counter this trend is to teach children a sense of responsibility, social behaviour and solidarity.

Parents say having children increases their overall well-being, the survey found.

At the same time, many complain of a lack of time and one-fifth of all parents admitted to being jealous of childless people.
"Admitted to." Does this merely convey the begrudging nature of such a statement, or might it imply that even more feel this way, but won't own up to it?

Of course, jealousy takes many forms. It could be a partial jealousy - an overall happiness with their lot, while wishing they did not have to make such sacrifices to get the total. It may well be regret.

What I do know is that it is far more accurate then the charge that childfree people are jealous. Aside from the infertile, who I do hope are not the real subjects of these attacks, we have the option they don't - the ability to change our minds.

Not that we ever would.

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