Monday, September 10, 2007

Reactions to the Christian Science Monitor Piece

The Daily Herald recently wrote an article based on the CSM Piece. In Children? Or are we 'adult-centered'?, the paper includes local statistics in a piece discussing decreasing birthrates' impact at the polls.

It prompted a reader response: Having children is just another choice
Only at the end, where Vincent Ciaccio stated that if parents and people who have not had kids respect the choices, then we can all move forward together for mutual benefit.

That's exactly what children are: a choice. They are not a debt I owe to society. My reasons for not wanting kids are different from those given.
. . .
It is a health issue as well as a lifestyle choice or trend, as the article refers to it throughout much of the article.

There is a current generation who growing up thinking that the world revolved around them, and they are finding it hard to grow up. I can think of several stories printed in your paper that reflect that, and several letters to the editor.
. . .
The baby looking so adorably in wonder is cute, but it leaves one to ponder if there is a subliminal message being sent: Guilt? Satisfaction?
These photographs do seem de rigeur for articles on the childfree. Perhaps it is due to a lack of symbolism on the other sides. We should put our collective creativity to work in coming up with one.

Although mainly constrained to her first few paragraphs, the reader does make a valid point - we will forever be speaking a different language as long as we ignore the fact that some indeed consider bearing children to be a duty we owe society.

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