Wednesday, September 26, 2007

UK: Parents-Only Parking Enforced with Fine

Asda's £50 threat to car-park space invaders
For a hard-pressed mum with a screaming infant, there are few sights more annoying than seeing a childfree driver pulling into the last parent-and-toddler space at the supermarket.
. . .
Asda is introducing traffic wardens to patrol some of its car parks and slap £50 fines on those who leave their vehicle where it doesn't belong.
Childfree civil-disobedience protesters rejoice - I don't believe stores in the US have the right to fine for stork or toddler parking. But do stay out of handicapped spaces - they actually need them.

And either this article has been posted on a UK childfree site, or many, many British people are opposed to parent and child spaces. Give the comments a read.

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Feh23 said...

Are they going to forcibly pregnancy test every woman who parks in the "stork" parking? At least that's what I asked the last time someone challenged me when I used stork parking in my town.

If you can't walk the length of a parking lot while you're pregnant, maybe you should stay in bed.

Anonymous said...

I will purposely park in those spots if they are available. I am entitled to park as close to the store as anyone else. Also, the reason for handicapped parking has become so perverted that you can retain a sticker for little to no reason. Now the parking choices become more limited due to pregnancy or having children in the car? We all make choices in life and being pregnant is not a handicap. If it is that difficult to get around, then maybe you should not be driving. If the children are too much to handle, then maybe you shouldn't have had them. Where is the backbone that made this such a great country??