Friday, September 28, 2007

We may as well be invisible

Politics is all about young people

Hillary Clinton talking to the Congressional Black Caucus:
"Everything we do, I believe, is about young people," she said.

Clinton said the greeting most common among the Masai tribe of Africa is not, "How are you?" It's "How are the children." This is the question we should ask ourselves, she said.

I've already turned 30. I'm not really a "young" person anymore. I guess the entire political system will ignore me until I reach retirement age, when politicians can start pandering to me and the rest of my AARP comrades.

Oh, and good work, Hillary. You're talking to black people, so you mention an African tribe.

The worst part is that the ideas she brought up are worth discussing. The idea of making college affordable for people in the future is important, especially when you factor in the perpetually rising tuition costs. It's just packaged in such a way that it sounds both patronizing and condescending.

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